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5 Essentials That Ensure the Best Shaving Experience

Shaving as a grooming activity is common to most men. But, a lot of men are reluctant to shave on their own as they end up with cuts and razor burns. So, mentioned in this article are 5 things that are essential for the best shaving experience.


Shaving is an essential daily grooming activity that is common to most men. But, most men end up with a cut or a razor burn while shaving. So, to make it easier and safer, here is a list of 5 things that are essential for the best shaving experience.


1.A Facial Cleanser


Using a facial cleanser is the first thing that is needed to shave easily. Wash your face with lukewarm water to open up the pores and to soften the skin and then clean your face with the cleanser. Doing this removes the dead skin cells as well as the oil and contributes to the softness of the hair. This enables easier and faster shaving.


2.Shaving Cream


One needs to consider several factors when choosing a shaving cream and the first would be the ingredients used. One should choose a shaving cream that has natural ingredients. Such a cream would not cause any irritation or rashes after the shave. Also, it would soften the hair and facilitate a smooth glide of the razor leaving behind a clear and irritation free soft skin.


3.A Smooth and Sharp Razor Blade


The razor blade and the razor are two important components of a great shave. There are two choices when it comes to choosing a razor and those are the traditional double edge razor and the cartridge razor.


A cartridge razor is a razor that supports multiple blades at a time, while the double edge razor is the traditional single blade razor. While the cartridge razors promise a smooth and quick shave, there are certain drawbacks of this razor.


This razor has multiple blades, so while you shave there are 3 or 4 blades working against the skin. Therefore, there is a risk of razor burns on the skin. Also, these get clogged with hair and cream in just a single stroke. However, the double edge razor is smooth and does not get clogged like cartridge razor. At the same time, it does not rip off the natural oil of the skin and thus eliminates any chances of razor burn.


It is essential that the sebum oil or the natural oil of the skin is preserved because it performs multiple functions. Sebum oil is responsible for the moisture content in the skin and also prevents acne or pimples. Removal of this oil will promote unhealthy skin.

One can buy double edge razor blades online or from any nearest shop. These are cheaper than the cartridge razor blades and are more durable. One should change the razor blade as soon as it stops giving a smooth shave.


4.An Aftershave Lotion


Buying a high-quality aftershave lotion that is rich in natural ingredients is very important. It contains antiseptic agents that are important to prevent the chances of infection.


5.Adequate Light


One of the most important factors is the adequate light. It is important to spot the tiny little hair and also the angle at which you are shaving. A wrong angle or stroke can end up in a massive cut. When shaving, be patient to ensure a smooth and clean shave.