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Benefits of Old Fashioned Shaving Practices

Those days our grandfathers and ancestors visit barber shop for shaving their beard with the relaxing experience and to socialize with fellow men. In addition to that, the old fashioned razor wet shave will give you a clean and perfect shave. But nowadays people don’t have time in their busy schedule to visit barber shops and salons for shaving. So we started using modern razors which diminished the traditional razors and its benefits. The traditional razor or wet blade shave will bring lots of benefits like


Natural clear shave
The natural source beneficial ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, lanolin, aloe, glycerin, coconut oil, vitamin E, and many others are often part of the formulation in traditional wet shaving supplies which is good for your skin. These natural contaminants in the traditional shaving supplies will not cause any harm to your skin but give you a glam.


Brush will get rid of that twisted hair
The traditional synthetic type brushes will bring excellent shaving experience. When you lather with the brush, it helps to release trapped hairs and ingrown hairs. Those twisted hairs in the beard will be softened and disentangled by applying the shaving lather with the brush. The high-quality lather protects your skin from the friction of a blade and gives perfect shave with few passes.


Single Blade shaver
Reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and general irritation by adopting the traditional razors for shaving. The single blade shavers come with a great handle that will give you grip and control to shave comfortably without making any damage to your skin.


Cut down your expense
Buying new cartridges for modern razors every time when you shave is expensive. On the other hand the traditional razors need only minimal investment to buy soap or cream, blades, aftershaves and other shaving supplies.


The buying cost of traditional razors are purely financial. The traditional shavers comes in every budget, it depends on you to choose based on your interest and style. With the premium razors and high end brushes it will be a good hobby to save types of razors in the collection.


Environmental Benefits
Throwing the blades requires a less landfill where the modern razor and supply cartridges need more landfill due to its big size. Recycling the used steel blades is also an eco-friendly option.